Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Stormtrooper Crochet Hat

While I was at a party this weekend, I was talking about some hats I have made for someone at Tim's work. (Pics of those coming soon!)  While talking about these hats, I got my first custom request for a hat.  A stormtrooper.  While I usually work strictly from a pattern, Dallas encouraged me to branch out and figure something out for myself.  It actually wasn't as hard as I thought it would be.  He drew me a picture of the part he wanted and I looked up some other pictures as well.  I used my go to hat pattern found at Easy Makes Me Happy!  and went to work.  In Dallas' wife's words, he has a big noggin so I added about an inch to the circumference on the adult size to compensate.  Through a little trial and error I figured out good shapes for the eyes and knobs.  I am going to work on actually putting together a pattern for the patches and will post here when done.  With Halloween just around the corner, this would make a super easy costume for those who don't want to get totally dressed up but still want to participate.  It's also a fun hat to keep your head warm all winter in Star Wars style.  If you want one for yourself but don't know how to crochet, I will make you one for $18 in any size from infant to "big noggin".
the hat - sitting on top of a stormtrooper bank.  thanks to Dallas for lending me the bank for inspiration (and Josh did get that last penny out of it - he was very proud of himself)
profile complete with little gray knobs
back side with knobs

 Oh, and for those of you more into the Princess Leia thing, I can make a hat for that too.  Pictures coming of that as well as soon as my sister sends me some of her cute girls all decked out.  Until then, check out All Things Belle where I found the tutorial to make it.  I'll make you that hat for $15.  Hope you enjoyed the post and "may the force be with you"!