Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Elise Hat - Linked to a Contest!

I'm back!  And this time I'm linking to a contest - holla!  I'll start off with the project at hand and then I'll show you where to link to the contest where you'll have a chance to win this super cute hat or one of many other cool prizes.

The pattern for the Elsie Hat comes from one of my favorite designers - Mamachee.  I have almost all of her patterns and am never disappointed.  You can buy the pattern for this hat on her Etsy shop here or at her Raverly shop as an instant download.  Okay, so on to the hat.  I love it.  I made one for myself last year near the end of the season and was almost sad to see the spring come.  When I was asked to participate as a prize giver for the contest below, I knew this was what I wanted to make.  This pattern is for an intermediate crocheter.  The instructions for the special stitches are easy to follow and understand - just remember to count and pay attention.  This hat it meant to fit slouchy style but can definitely be worn beanie style as well and be just as cute.  That's one of the reasons I love this hat so much - it's so versatile.

And here it!  Using a bigger hook makes this hat light and airy, while still being nice and toasty.  It also has some nice stretch to it, which I love.

How can you win this hat, you ask?  Well, just head on over to delighted to write and enter the 12.12.12 essay contest.  All details about the contest, as well as other prizes offered can be found there.

If you decide writing's not your thing or you don't win my totally awesome hat but still have to have one, I'll be more than happy to make you one!  Just leave a comment and we can work something out.  But remember, this blog is not doing the contest so don't comment here to enter.  I'll have a giveaway here pretty soon - I'll be a little busy with next few weeks taking care of a new baby.  But I'm hoping to post a lot of the fun stuff I've been making for the new little one.  Good luck!

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  1. Thanks again for sponsoring a prize, Emma! You're a gifted knitter. I'm amazed at what you can make.