Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Penguins and Polar Bears

I took a crocheting class through continuing education at the local high school a couple of years ago.  By the look of my first wash cloth, you would think I should never crochet again.  But I kept at it and I love it!  I enjoy making things for family and friends and pouring over craft sites and Etsy to find new patterns.  A few of months ago while at the fabric store, the hubs was looking at a picture on Facebook of a little girl wearing an owl hat I made.  He asked if I made the hat and the lady cutting my fabric had to sneak a peak.  She thought it was cute and asked if I could make her some hats for her twin grandsons.  I brought a copy of some of my hat patterns by the store a few days later and left with orders for six hats!  They have been keeping my busy over there ever since.  It seems whenever I drop off a hat, I get orders for more.  The hats I'm posting about today are not the first hats I made for these awesome ladies, but I have pics ready so the others will have to wait.

My most frequent customer's grandsons first birthday was coming up and their mom picked the theme of penguins and polar bears.  And since their mom loves hats, they needed new hats!  I searched the web for some patterns and found my new favorite site: Repeat Crafter Me.  She has tons of crochet patterns, crafts and crockpot recipes.  The best part about her patterns - they're FREE!  Woot!  They are totally cute.  This is where I found the pattern for the penguin hat.  This pattern calls for a worsted weight yarn, but they wanted their hats a little chunkier so I went with a chunky weight yarn instead.  There's not too much to say about the pattern - it's easy to follow, turns out a great product and it was free!
Here's the penguin.  I always ask my 3-year-old what it is to make sure it will be recognizable.  

I found a pattern for a polar bear hat on Etsy in Simply2Irresistible's shop.  The pattern sells for $2.99.  I ended up not buying this pattern since I figured I could work something out on my own.  It was a good pic for inspiration.  I did tweak the eyes by using buttons instead.  She has some other patterns as well that look pretty cute and for cheaper than I have seen other patterns out there.

Here's the polar bear.  
And here they are together.  I'm hoping they had a fun birthday and enjoyed their hats.

In my next few posts I'll have an owl hat (if we're friends on facebook, you my have seen a sneak peek), a reindeer hat, a turtle cover for a newborn photo shoot, a Minnie Mouse hat and more!

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