Friday, January 18, 2013

Reindeer Hat

I know that when you think of reindeer, especially ones with red noses, it's usually around Christmas time.  So, yes, this post is a little late but I really wanted to post a picture of my newest little one wearing the hat.  I actually made this hat way back in like Septemberish I think and looked at it almost everyday waiting to put it on our little boy.  Anyway, enough of that.

I bought the pattern for this reindeer hat on Etsy from BeezyMomsCreations.  I have quite a few patterns from this shop.  They are all super cute.  This pattern comes in sizes newborn to 12 months, but if you are comfortable in increasing with hats, you can easily make this hat in any size you like.  I actually made an adult size hat and a couple toddler sizes as well for my fave ladies at the fabric store that have been keeping my busy the past couple of months.  As all of BeezyMomsCreations patterns, this one is easy to follow with lots of pictures to help with placement of the embellishments.  The yarn suggested is a super bulky weight which makes the hat itself work up very quickly.  I used Country Loom by Loops&Threads in Regal Earth.  The longest part in making this hat is all the embellishments that are added on.  Sewing these on has always been the hardest part for me in making a hat but I have been getting a lot of practice in this department.  Recently I realized that I need to pin the parts in place before sewing them on so they don't get all wonky.  Duh - I always pins things in place when I sew so I don't know why it took me so long to realize that I should do the same thing while crocheting.

Okay, on to the pictures.  My wonderfully talented niece at Adrienne Danielle Photography took newborn photos of our little one and they came out beautiful.  You can check out more of her work here and on Facebook.  You'll see some more of her great photography in a few of the posts to come.

Here's the cutest model ever!

This picture is added so you can see the cute little ears and antlers.
So there you have it, a cute little reindeer hat to keep you nice and warm.  If you don't know how to crochet, there is plenty of time for you to learn before Christmas 2013 or I will make you one!  I'm working on a site where I will showcase my crochet work and have it available to purchase.  I'm super excited about it and will post here when it's up and running!

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  1. Thanks for the shout out Emma! That is very kind of you. I'd be more than happy to take pictures of anything you make for the blog or your new site!