Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Booties - Two Ways

I love booties on babies!  Little toes are cute, but booties on little feet - even cuter.  I posted about some booties that I found in a crochet book here.  I have made multiple pair for people totally oblivious that the opening was too small for any normal baby foot until I made a pair for my own baby.  Sorry to all those people I gave booties to that didn't even fit.  GRRRR!  I have since found a few different patterns that not only actually fit, they are a bit easier to make.  Win, win.

I found the Buccaneer Booties through Mamachee here.  As I have said before, love her patterns.  I made my first pair a while ago when I first got the pattern.  The bootie is made in two parts - first the shoe and then the buckle.  The instructions say to glue the buckle down - I didn't and I haven't had any problems with it.  Although, my little one doesn't move, so it might be a good idea for kiddos that are mobile.  I have only made the 0-3 month size and I don't see any problems with it actually fitting the entire 3 months.
I used Vanna's Choice yarn in chocolate.

The buttons are from Making Memories - I like the square buttons but circles would work just as well.
Here's the best thing about this pattern - it's like a two-fer.  The bootie made as written is more on the masculine side.  But, leave off the buckle and viola! you have a dainty slipper for a girl.  Then string a little ribbon through a back loop and you have some ballet slippers!  Love it.  Since I don't have any girls of my own, I'm passing these cute things on to someone that does.
The yarn is Bernat Satin in Sea Shell

The ribbon is Offray, 1/4 inch wide in pink.
Seriously, these work up very quickly and are fairly easy to make.  Just make sure you count and use a stitch marker.  If you want some for yourself but don't crochet, as always, I'd be happy to help you out!  Also, be on the look out for a giveaway post in the next little bit.  I received a free pattern from Mamachee thanks to some help from some Facebook friends and now I'm passing the love on to you!


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