Monday, January 28, 2013

Turtle Photo Prop

I’ve had a couple of people want me to crochet something for them after they’ve found a pattern.  Usually the pattern is from a new designer so I take a look around at other patterns to see if there are any other patterns I would like to get.  That’s kind of what happened with this creation, only I didn’t buy the pattern.  I wanted to try and figure it out myself.  And I did!  Although if I make one again, I do it a little bit different – more on that later.  (I can't remember exactly where I found the inspiration for this project, but if you search for crochet turtle photo props on Etsy, tons will come up.)

With a new baby coming and a niece that does photography, I wanted to make some photo props for newborn photos.  I love turtles so when I saw a turtle cape, I was in love.  It seemed simple enough, six pentagons stitched together and a little beanie to go with. 

I found a pattern for a hexagon afghan on Lion Brand’s website.  I just took this pattern and adjusted it down to a pentagon, made 6 of them and then sewed them together.  I opted to sew them together with a single crochet.  Here’s the first thing I would have done differently – I think if I make one again, I will use a whip stitch instead.  The single crochet left a ridge on one side that I’m still not sure that I’m in love with.  I’ll mention the other thing I would change after the pictures. 

My niece at Adrienne Danielle Photography took these pictures and I love them!  Check out here site and if you are local, set up a shoot.  She has a portfolio building promotion going on through March 31st.

Love.  Cutest little turtle in the world, in my opinion.
The only thing I wish were a different is the size of the turtle cape.  I used Red Heart Soft yarn which is super soft, but on the small side.  So, by using only 6 pentagons, the cape is a little small as well.  Next time I would use a bulky or super bulky yarn which would make the pentagons larger while still using the same pattern.  Even so, I love it and the little guy in it.


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