Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Snowman Hat

Boy has it been cold in my neck of the woods.  We're talking overnight lows below zero and highs barely in the teens.  Brrrr.  That meant a new hat for Josh.  I made him a simple striped hat last year following this free pattern by Mamachee.  I have said before that it is my go to pattern for hats.  We talked about a few options - a watermelon, a minion from Despicable Me, R2D2 - but he decided on a snowman hat.  

The pattern is from my new favorite site for free patterns, Repeat Crafter Me.  This pattern calls for a bulky weight yarn for the main part or the hat, then changes to a worsted weight towards the bottom.  I didn't have enough of the bulky weight yarn so I just followed the Mamachee pattern for the basic hat using a worsted weight yarn for the whole hat.  I did start making smaller version of the snowman hat following the snowman hat pattern as written with the bulky yarn and found that it ran a little small.  I crochet a bit tight so if I were to make this hat exactly as written again, I would definitely go up a size to compensate.  No gauge is given with the pattern, so if you crochet a bit on the tight side, you my want to go up a size as well.  The pattern is well written and easy to follow.  My favorite part is the top hat that is sewn to the top of the hat.  It gives the hat that little something extra.  

Here's Josh with the hat.  He smiles like my husband's side of the family. ;)

And a little closer view.
So that's it.  A fun little hat for those cold, snowy winter months.  When it warms up a bit, I'll have Josh venture out and make a real snowman and do a photo shoot of them together.


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