Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Little Boy Tie

I've seen a lot of posts for ties but have been really hesitant to make one. They look pretty complicated and some patterns were like a million pages long it seemed like. Then I found a tutorial on Lil Blue Boo that I felt pretty confident I could handle. And guess what? I did! It took a little time but it wasn't that hard at all. The tutorial says it's a toddler tie but mine came out a little bigger than toddler size. Take a look for yourself.It's not horribly large but definitely on the large side. I originally was going to make it for my toddler. When it came out so big, I figured it would be perfect for my six year old. I had to bribe him to even try it on - he's stubborn just like me. He wouldn't wear it, so back to Benj it went - he'll grow into it eventually.

The pattern for the tutorial is pretty cool since you can make it an actual tie that you tie or one with elastic. And like I said before, very simple to follow. The best part - you can make it with a fat quarter! A lot of other patterns I looked at had you cut on the bias, but not this one. So, when fat quarters go on sale, this tie can be made super cheap. I am going to try another one but this time I am going to scale down the pattern just a bit to see if it comes out a little smaller. I'll let you know how it works out. Happy tie making!

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  1. Just a suggestion. There are idiots out there, me in particular, who have no idea what a "fat quarter" is. Could you please dumb some stuff down for those of us who are just getting into sewing? Thanks my sistah.

  2. a fat quarter is a rectanglish quarter of a yard of fabric - usually about 18x22 inches or so. joann's has them for about $2 but they go on sale every so often for a buck. here's a site that explains it all! http://sewmamasew.com/blog2/2009/02/what-is-a-fat-quarter/

  3. Ooh... I might just have to try this one. A fat quarter is cheap so I haven't lost a bunch of money when I fail miserably :-)