Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Tote Bag

No giveaway today. Sorry. I want to get a better picture, so I think I will ask my niece to model for me. So check back on Friday for the tutorial, pics, and instructions for entering!

Today's post is for a cute little tote bag with an applique on the front. You could leave it blank if you wanted, but I think the applique gives it that something extra and personalizes it a bit. The tutorial comes from Craft Snob and was part of a 4-part sewing basics series. I made one other thing from the series which I will post about later. This tutorial was so easy to follow, I am going to make a few more of these bags. It did take me a kind of long time to make though, only because I went a little crazy on the appliques. I needed lots of practice so I figured this project was as good as any. Okay, pictures and then I'll tell you a little more about it.

Number one thing I love about this tote, it's reversible! Wahoo! Who doesn't love a reversible bag? And with it being so easy to make, even better. In the tutorial, Wonder Under was used to attach the applique before sewing. I didn't have any and I really don't like the stuff either, so I just used some fabric adhesive which I had on hand. Worked like a charm. I also made mine a tiny bit bigger than the original tutorial. I am planning on making at least two more bags and using them as library book totes and some of those picture books are big. I'm done carrying all the books home from the library. I am going to applique the boys names on the front so they each have their own to carry their books. I'm kind of excited about them. I'll post pics of the boys bags when they are done. Last thing about my bag - I thought about it after I was all done appliqueing, but since it's a library bag, it would have been cute to put "live laugh read". Oh well, I was not about to unpick all that stitching.

Happy tote bag making and make sure to check back on Friday for the next giveaway!


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