Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Make-up Brush Case

So I was going to post yesterday but obviously I didn't. 1 - because I didn't take a picture of the project I wanted to post about while my son was wearing it and 2 - I spent practically the whole day trying to recover from the huge mess I left in my other son's room getting ready for the yard sale we had this past Saturday. But I'm back and I have something different to post.

I made this case fairly soon after I had started sewing and I didn't have too many problems figuring it out. It is very customizable for whatever size brushes you have in your make-up collection. I found this tutorial at The Sewing Republic. They have lots of great tutorials! The creator of this tutorial is from Chickpea Sewing Studio. It's really nice to have a place to keep my brushes away from all the other junk that is in my bathroom. Especially since I spent way too much on them. Anyway, here's how mine turned out.

I changed a few things. Most obvious was the shape of the case. I can barely bind a straight corner, let alone a curved one so straight it was. She also had a magnetic snap on hers. It looked a little too complicated for me so I was going to put a button and elastic to keep it closed. I put the elastic in but never got around to the button part. It stays closed on its own so I wasn't ever too worried about finishing it. You can use this same idea to hold other things as well like knitting needles, crochet hooks, or other such stuff. There are a lot of tutorials like this one that hold crayons or colored pencils. This one is different in that it has a stiff interfacing in it to hold its shape. Anyway, enough rambling. Have fun making your own make-up brush case.

I'm thinking another giveaway is in order. So look for either tomorrow or Friday!


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