Thursday, October 13, 2011

Sock Monkey Hat

Sock Monkeys are taking over the world! Well at least the hats are taking over Etsy. I went to look at the sock monkey hats for sale on Etsy just to see how my crocheting skills measured up and there were 52 pages of listings. Yes, you read that right. Not just 52 listings but 52 pages. Crazy. There's probably stuff that has more listings, but in my mind 52 pages of sock monkey hats is kind of extreme.

So, how did I get started making sock monkey hats you ask? Well, my friend, Crystal, asked if she bought a pattern, would I make her son a hat. I told her if she bought the pattern and the materials and it turned out - the hat was her's if she let me keep the pattern. It's been the best deal ever. She bought the pattern from Beezy Mom's Creations, on Etsy (see - I was right, sock monkeys are taking over the world; the 52 pages was just for sock monkey hats already made but add in the patterns as well and things get kind of scary - aaaagggghhhhh!) It was so cute and I was so excited to get started on it that I didn't even wait for her to get me the stuff. I used some yarn that I bought for another project that didn't really work out. The pattern was super easy to follow and each one has come together a little faster. A few more details after the pics. Again, thank you to Brittany for some awesome photos!

Okay, so a couple of things about this hat. Either I crochet really tight or the pattern runs really small. But either way, no worries. It's really easy to make beanie hats like this bigger. The hat shown in the pictures was the 1-4 yr old pattern but is being worn by an infant. So really check your sizes on this one. After making the monkey hat from this pattern, I found another site, Easy Make Me Happy, that has a pattern for a monkey hat for free! It's not a sock monkey hat but can easily be turned into one. The thing I like about the free pattern is the coverage the ear flaps give. And the pattern seem to fit a little more true to size. But I love, love, love the ears and the sock monkey mouth on the pattern from Beezy Mom's Creations. This pattern even comes with a pattern for a flower that you can attach if you want. So, I took the parts I liked about both patterns and combined them together. If you crochet at all, totally check out these two sites. Easy has some free patterns and others you can buy on Etsy. Beezy, as far as I can tell, just has patterns on her Etsy shop. She even has a deal where you can buy 3 or 6 patterns together and get a discount. Score! You will not have a hard time finding way more than 6 patterns that you love.

Again, if you love what you see and want one but don't know how to crochet, let me know and we can work something out. With winter right around the corner, we have to keep those head warm! I can even make them for adults - with or without the mouth and ears :).


  1. So cute! I want one for myself...for free...just because I'm your sister :)

  2. better hope i get your name for christmas then! let me know what colors and i'll get on it

  3. This has got to be the cutest thing ever!