Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Not Your Regular Old Bib

It's a bapron! What's a bapron? It's a baby bib that's big enough to pass for an apron. It think the creator of this tutorial, Jess, coined the term. Most baby bibs are so dang little that they are only good for when they are being spoon fed by someone and they sit super still and don't have flailing arms. What baby is like that? None. So enter the bapron. I like it because it goes up high on the chest and protects the mid section from flying food.

Okay, so on to the tutorial. It can be found on Craftiness is not Optional. She has tons of other tutorials as well. A lot of them are some cute clothes for little girls. But, since I don't have girls (longing sigh), I have only made the bapron so far. And here's how mine turned out.

Benj was not too happy when I first put it on. He hasn't worn a bib for a while since, like I said earlier, the other ones we've had are pretty much useless at this stage. He wasn't too messy with this meal, but you can see in the second picture, the bapron did it's job. No spaghetti on the clothes! And the second time around using it, he was much happier.

Benj is a couple of months away from being two and a half years old and it's a little snug. But if you started using these at the beginning of the self-feeding stage, you can get a lot of use out of them. I might try to make another one of these, tweaking the pattern a little to make it bigger and see how it turns out. I also need some more practice binding. Ugh! - binding.

So have fun making your very own bapron! And remember, giveaway entry deadline is tomorrow. There are not a lot of entries so your chances are good.


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